International Read an eBook Day - September 18
Mon, Sep 18, 2023

International Read an eBook Day

International Read An Ebook Day is dedicated to reading e-books. The modern world creates new trends. If earlier books had a paper look and took up space, now you have the opportunity to read any work by simply entering the appropriate query in the search engine. It is celebrated on September 18th.


This holiday was first celebrated in 2014. The organizer was the well-known distributor of e-books, OverDrive. It works throughout the country: if you have ever read an e-book, then with a high degree of probability, it was presented by this particular distributor.

The creation of the e-book dates back to 1971. At that time, there were no functional smartphones and only rudimentary computers. University of Illinois student Michael Hart managed to connect to one of these devices. He believed in the computerization of the world and decided to make life easier for people in the future. Michael decided to digitize more than 10 thousand of the best works of world literature.

The first electronic text presented was the Declaration of Independence, and after it books were translated. Until 1989, all processes were done manually, and after the invention of scanners and special programs, everything became much easier. It was Hart who allowed e-books to gain popularity.

Interesting facts

  • The most popular e-book format is the Epub.
  • Reading a book in any format can reduce stress levels by 68%.

How to take part

International Read an Ebook Day is a great occasion to buy some e-books and read them with pleasure in a cozy atmosphere. Congratulate friends and acquaintances on the holiday by giving them one or more digital books.

Find out more information about e-books. Create a social media post about the first time you read an eBook. Share your impressions!

When is International Read an eBook Day celebrated in 2023?

International Read an eBook Day is observed on September 18 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday September 18 2023
Wednesday September 18 2024
Thursday September 18 2025
Friday September 18 2026

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