International Panic Day - June 18
Tue, Jun 18, 2024

International Panic Day

Try to avoid unnecessary worries on June 18, despite it being International Panic Day. It is necessary to disseminate information about panic states so people can develop stress tolerance skills and remain calm regardless of the situation.

The History

In ancient times, people put the panic state to good use while hunting. With loud signals from a horn and shouts, hunters frightened animals. They subsequently lost their orientation and found themselves surrounded. In modern society, people are subject to stress. Panic appears and manifests in physical and mental symptoms. This holiday was established to raise awareness.

Interesting Facts

2% of the world’s population is prone to panic attacks, characterized by changes in the working of the autonomic system. They suffer from blackouts, dizziness, and fear that constrains movement and makes breathing difficult.

  1. Women tend to panic and exaggerate danger.
  2. The tendency to anxiety and panic is treated through medical therapy and various meditative practices.
  3. In the armed forces of various countries, special attention is paid to the skill of preventing fear, panic, and anxiety.

In serious cases, psychotherapists prescribe drugs to treat patients. The medicines are only obtainable by prescription.

How to Take Part

If you feel accumulated anxiety on this summer day, it is a great chance to throw out your obsessive fears and share your experiences. The result is a feeling of peace and relief. Visit a psychoanalyst if you feel the need for professional medical care. Panic attacks create difficulties in responding to circumstances. Seek help and deal with psychological health issues.

When is International Panic Day celebrated in 2024?

International Panic Day is observed on June 18 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday June 18 2024
Wednesday June 18 2025
Thursday June 18 2026
Friday June 18 2027
Sunday June 18 2028
Monday June 18 2029