International Mountain Day - December 11
Sun, Dec 11, 2022

International Mountain Day

International Mountain Day brings together all those who cannot contain their emotions at the sight of the majestic, silent, and sometimes dangerous geological features of our planet. Mountains at all times beckoned with enchanting beauty and continue to do so. There are many beautiful places on earth that are worth visiting on this holiday!


Mountains have always symbolized eternity, harmony, spiritual balance. The ancient peoples believed that it was here that the earth and sky were connected, and the souls of the departed people found peace, stepping into the tunnel leading to the world of the dead. Mythology is replete with references to mountains, let’s take some of them as an example.

Olympus is a snow-covered mountain range, under the auspices of Zeus. Here the Gods lead an idle life, sometimes interfering in earthly affairs. Safa is an emerald mountain among Muslims, which taught the prophet Muhammad humility. Meru in the view of the Hindus was the axis of the universe. It is surprising that almost all fantastic mountains have their real prototypes, however, they were not magical.

The goal of International Mountain Day is to get to know peaks that are really impressive! Everest, Chogori, Lhotse, Manaslu, Fujiā€¦ The list is endless. If you like to actively relax, travel, absorb new knowledge, do not miss this date!

Interesting facts

It’s amazing that the mountains:

  • cannot exceed a height of 15 km, because they simply collapse under their weight;
  • there is also in the Solar System, for example, on Mars – the extinct volcano Olympus Mons, has a height of 26,4 km;
  • occupy 64% of the territory in Asia, 24% worldwide;
  • water suppliers – 80% of drinking is obtained in mountainous areas;
  • practically absent in Australia, accounting for only 3% of the territory.

How to celebrate

If you dreamed of climbing to the top, do it on International Mountain Day! Remember, you need to start from low altitudes and under the supervision of specialists – there are many resources on the Internet dedicated to the topic. Watch films about mountains – fiction or documentaries. Get to know the lives of famous climbers.

When is International Mountain Day celebrated in 2022?

International Mountain Day is observed on December 11 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday December 11 2022
Monday December 11 2023
Wednesday December 11 2024
Thursday December 11 2025
Friday December 11 2026