International Lottery Day - August 27
Sat, Aug 27, 2022

International Lottery Day

Everyone who believes in random luck will celebrate International Lottery Day with pleasure! After all, it is on it that the main principle of this ancient game, the lottery, is based. You get free or get the opportunity to participate for minimal money (buy a ticket) – and win money or a material prize.


Why International Lottery Day was set on the date of August 27 is not exactly known, but the world celebrates this holiday. The birthday of the lottery is celebrated on a different date – this is February 24, in honor of the lottery organized on this day in Bruges in 1466 by the widow of the famous artist van Eyck. And this is also a strange choice – lotteries appeared much earlier!

Interesting facts

What do we know about the history of lotteries:

  1. The first known was organized by God. The ancient Greek supreme deity Zeus – from him came a proposal for the great warriors to take turns pulling out the pebbles stacked in a golden helmet. One of them was winning and made it possible to measure strength with Zeus.
  2. In ancient China, the Great Wall was built with the proceeds from the lottery, which became the prototype of the famous lottery with Keno balls.
  3. Julius Caesar is credited with organizing lotteries in ancient Rome – in this way he managed to raise funds for the improvement of the Eternal City.
  4. The queens did not disdain the organization of lotteries either. In 1599, Queen Elizabeth 1 of Britain managed to bring the country out of the crisis with the help of a luxurious lottery. As prizes, subjects of the “good Queen Bess” won gold and large sums of money. In Austria, the Zahlenlotto lottery, created by Empress Maria Theresa, still exists today. The first drawing took place on October 21, 1752 at Lobkowitzplatz in Vienna.
  5. In the United States, the first well-known lotteries were organized by George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. The first created the Mountain Road Lottery in 1769 – the proceeds from it were required to build a road network in Virginia. The second, elected to Congress in 1775, used lottery income to raise funds to defend Philadelphia in the Revolutionary War.

How to celebrate

Celebrate International Lottery Day – buy a lottery ticket, even if you don’t believe in winning!

When is International Lottery Day celebrated in 2022?

International Lottery Day is observed on August 27 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday August 27 2022
Sunday August 27 2023
Tuesday August 27 2024
Wednesday August 27 2025
Thursday August 27 2026

What today?

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