International Equal Pay Day - September 18
Mon, Sep 18, 2023

International Equal Pay Day

International Equal Pay Day is an international annual holiday about to equal pay, regardless of gender. First officially held in 2019, it was founded by the equal pay organization EPIC, and celebrated on September 18th.


According to a 2019 study in the US, for every dollar a man earns, a woman is only paid $0,82. This is a very average indicator, since it depends on age, race, and health/disability.

The gap is especially high in those professions that are considered male. Thus, it is estimated that female surgeons are paid $19 billion less annually than male surgeons. And such cases are not isolated. When concluding an agreement with employers, a fixed fee should be set, the amount of which should not be affected by the gender factor.

In 1983, the Equal Pay Act was introduced, establishing a uniform amount of pay in accordance with working conditions, the employee’s qualifications, their length of service and special skills. Discrimination is not allowed!

Interesting facts

  • If the gender gap was closed, women’s poverty in the US would be halved.
  • Employment problems are especially common among women in the older age group. Regardless of their skills, they are often denied employment by employers because of their age.

How to take part

Congratulate working women on International Equal Pay Day. If rights are being violated, try writing a letter to Congress with a clear description of the problem.

Donate to Equal Rights Advocates, an organization that promotes women’s rights at work and works hard to prevent discrimination.

Create a social media post to support the idea of ​​equal pay. Discrimination can be defeated only by common effort!

When is International Equal Pay Day celebrated in 2023?

International Equal Pay Day is observed on September 18 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday September 18 2023
Wednesday September 18 2024
Thursday September 18 2025
Friday September 18 2026

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