International Epilepsy Day - February
Mon, Feb 12, 2024

International Epilepsy Day

Every year on the second Monday of February, International Epilepsy Day is held. People gather to demonstrate what problems patients with epilepsy face. They go through incredible suffering, but for many they are considered “dangerous”. The holiday was created to destroy stereotypes that do not allow you to build a full life.


One of the oldest diseases in the world has been known since antiquity. Historians have managed to find letters that describe a person with similar symptoms. People of that time believed that a terrible essence had invaded him. The Babylonians believed in evil spirits. They attributed seizures to the influence of dark forces capable of completely capturing human bodies. The ancient Greeks also associated illness with possession, but called the sick prophets and messengers of the Lord.

Social labeling has existed in the past. People shunned those who had epilepsy. They refused to touch the same things and tried to stay away from the sick as much as possible. Among Africans, it was a popular opinion that the seizures were the result of a curse.

Interesting facts

  1. The famous American singer Prince Rogers Nelson struggled with epilepsy throughout his life. The illness was not the reason he gave up his dream.
  2. The opinion that all attacks are accompanied by sudden movements is erroneous. Some look confused and frightened, attracting absolutely no attention to themselves.
  3. Christians called St. Valentine the patron saint of epilepsy patients.
  4. Many people suffering from epilepsy have been forced to give up the dream of becoming a vehicle driver. They are at great risk of getting into a car accident.

How to celebrate

Purple is the official color of the holiday. You can show your participation by wearing symbols, and making a post on social networks. Try to involve as many people as possible in the problem, without staying away. Everyone should make donations if possible. Any pound in the future will save the life of someone who is forced to endure constant suffering. The money received by the fund will accelerate the treatment.

When is International Epilepsy Day celebrated in 2024?

International Epilepsy Day is observed on the second Monday in February each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday February 12 2024
Monday February 10 2025
Monday February 9 2026
Monday February 8 2027

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