International Day of the Girl Child - October 11
Wed, Oct 11, 2023

International Day of the Girl Child

October 11 marks International Day of the Girl Child, an international holiday that has been celebrated for more than ten years. This holiday is essential to give girls a platform to make their voices heard. On October 11, it is customary to discuss the challenges facing girls and their rights and opportunities for growth. This day is still relevant, as the number of child marriages, cases of rape, and instances of violence against girls remain high.


International Day of the Girl Child was officially established on December 19, 2011, when the UN passed a resolution recognizing October 11 as the day. This resolution was a result of the struggle for the rights of girls and women, which had begun long before, such as the Beijing Declaration of 1995, which called for women’s rights. The celebration of International Day of the Girl Child was initiated by NGO Plan International’s “Because I’m a Girl” campaign. This campaign urged the federal government of Canada to form a coalition of supporters, which then prompted UN involvement, resulting in Canada proposing October 11 as an international holiday.

Interesting facts

  • Every day, 33 child marriages are recorded worldwide.
  • According to a survey, 44% of girls aged 15 to 19 believe that a husband has the right to beat his wife.
  • Girls aged 5 to 14 spend 28 hours a week on unpaid child labor, twice as much as boys.
  • 96% of those trafficked for sexual exploitation are women and girls.

How to take part

In order to effectively address the issues that girls and young women are facing, International Day of the Girl Child must be celebrated responsibly. This means disseminating information that girls and women should not tolerate discrimination and violence, and that they can receive help and support from appropriate organizations. Donations can also be made to official organizations that support disadvantaged girls around the world.

When is International Day of the Girl Child celebrated in 2023?

International Day of the Girl Child is observed on October 11 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday October 11 2023
Friday October 11 2024
Saturday October 11 2025
Sunday October 11 2026

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