International Day for Biological Diversity - May 22
Wed, May 22, 2024

International Day for Biological Diversity

International Day for Biological Diversity is a worldwide holiday dedicated to maintaining biological diversity on our planet. This is a very important task that each of us should support. There are many ecosystems on earth that function through the presence of certain species. Mankind cannot allow even some of them to disappear; we have already lost a lot due to technological progress and the ecological degradation that follows it. The holiday is celebrated annually on May 22.


The history of the holiday begins with the initiative of the UN General Assembly. At first the holiday fell on December 29, but in 2000 the current date was chosen.

On May 22, 1992, at the UN Conference in Kenya, the text of the Convention on Biological Diversity was approved. The document approved the basic provisions that must be adhered to in order to preserve the biodiversity of species. A great contribution in this direction is provided by the work of numerous environmental and conservation organizations, without which the situation with the existing species would be critical, and the Red Book would grow in size every year.

Interesting facts

  • Seahorses are amazing animals. They are the only representatives of the animal world where the male carries and gives birth to offspring.
  • Biology as a science was born at the beginning of the 18th century.
  • The generally accepted number of species on the planet is currently about 1.2 million.

How to celebrate

Learn more about the Convention on the Conservation of Species. Read interesting facts about the world of biology. Support conservation organizations financially; you can help animal shelters.

Spread the word about the holiday on social media. Let more people know about it.

When is International Day for Biological Diversity celebrated in 2024?

International Day for Biological Diversity is observed on May 22 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday May 22 2024
Thursday May 22 2025

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