International Coastal Cleanup Day - September
Sat, Sep 21, 2024

International Coastal Cleanup Day

International Coastal Cleanup Day is a day for cleaning up garbage on the beach. Celebrated every third Saturday in September.


The celebration of Coastal Cleanup Day began in 2017 and was proposed by Steve Jewett and Bill Willoughby. The main goal is to get as many Americans as possible to clean up the garbage on the beaches and in general. Similar events are held in all 50 states. Not only can you take part in them, but you can also organize them yourself by placing an ad on the national website.

Annual holidays that support the environment or directly improve the environment are gaining more and more popularity. People want to live in clean cities and enjoy every day outside.

The invention of plastic-based packaging has significantly worsened our environment. A huge amount of this garbage ends up in the ocean, polluting it and worsening the conditions for fish, shellfish, and algae. Plastic can lie in the ground for hundreds of years; because of its synthetic composition, it cannot decompose quickly. Therefore, bottles and other packaging must be collected and recycled.

International Coastal Cleanup Day is a large-scale event that brings together people of different ages and professions.

Interesting facts

  • Around 100 marine animals and 1 million birds die every year due to plastic waste.
  • 60 kg of waste paper handed over for recycling saves one tree.
  • Optimization of secondary waste production will make it possible to reduce environmental pollution by 45%.

How to take part

Team up with friends, family, and acquaintances and take part in garbage collection activities. Learn more on the internet about environmental pollution from household waste.

Be more careful about sorting your garbage. This will make it easier to process. Share information about the holiday on social networks and get as many people as possible to clean the streets.

When is International Coastal Cleanup Day celebrated in 2024?

International Coastal Cleanup Day is observed on the third Saturday of September each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday September 21 2024
Saturday September 20 2025
Saturday September 19 2026
Saturday September 18 2027
Saturday September 16 2028
Saturday September 15 2029