Mountain Day - August 11
Sun, Aug 11, 2024

Mountain Day

Mountain Day is one of the newest public holidays in Japan. It is not surprising a day like this takes place here, because the country is famous for its mountains – they make up 70% of the land. For example, the famous Mount Fuji, whose peak is 3,776 meters, is the hallmark of the land of the rising sun.

The History

The holiday was approved in 2014, but was first celebrated two years later. Prior to the enactment of the law, Mountain Day was promoted by numerous mountain supporters, conservationists, and the legislator Seishiro. They made up the Japanese Alpine Group. People did not understand why a celebration dedicated to the sea exists, and the mountains fell by the wayside.

Finally, by common effort, the date was approved, and its first celebration took place in the Japanese Alps. The Senate needed only a few meetings before returning a positive response.

Interesting facts

The date has deep symbolism:

  • August is the 8th month. This number in written Japanese resembles a mountain;
  • the number 11 looks like two tall trees.

In addition, the last month of the summer in Japan is not rich in government events, so the government made the right choice.

How to take part

The purpose of the holiday is to get to know the mountains and appreciate the blessing that comes from them. Japanese culture teaches that peaks and mountains should be celebrated as an important part of the natural world.

August 11 is an official holiday in the country. The Japanese attend festive events, have picnics in the mountains, go rock climbing, explore, and bless the peaks.

Since 2017, the main event has been held at one of the most famous resorts in Nagano Prefecture. Tourists from all over the world rush to see everything with their own eyes!

When is Mountain Day celebrated in 2024?

Mountain Day is observed on August 11 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday August 11 2024
Monday August 11 2025
Tuesday August 11 2026

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