International Amateur Radio Day - April 18
Thu, Apr 18, 2024

International Amateur Radio Day

International Amateur Radio Day is an international holiday dedicated to radio amateurs. These are specialists of different levels who use radio engineering and electronic devices for commercial purposes: conducting experiments, modernizing and improving existing devices, creating new ones, and so on. The holiday is celebrated annually on April 18.


The creation of International Amateur Radio Day is dedicated to a high-profile event for all radio amateurs – on April 18, 1925 the International Amateur Radio Union (I.A.R.U.) was founded in Paris. This non-profit organization arranged amateur radio gatherings and various competitions, at which the best experts from around the world could present their developments in the field of radio engineering.

It was radio amateurs who discovered that the use of short radio waves allowed them to increase their range, thereby improving the quality of communication. A special amateur sector of radio frequencies was created which could be used by radio amateurs for their own purposes. To summarize, we can say that the creation of the I.A.R.U. not only popularized the hobby of radio engineering, but also allowed us to find new ways to use radio waves and make radio communication better!

Interesting facts

  • Amateur radio operators in many countries have often been called “hams. This nickname they received from professional radio network operators.
  • There are European and World Championships in radio sport.
  • Many people thought radio amateurs were a problem because they were jamming radio signals with their antennas. This is absolute nonsense, as they were operating on other frequencies and had no effect on public radio broadcasting.

How to celebrate

Learn more about amateur radio clubs in your city/state. You may want to join. Learn more information about radio equipment and radio communication itself.

Spread the word about the holiday on social networks. Ask users if they are into amateur radio? How do they feel about such a hobby?

When International Amateur Radio Day celebrated in 2024?

International Amateur Radio Day is observed on April 18 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday April 18 2024
Friday April 18 2025

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