Ice Cream For Breakfast Day - February
Sat, Feb 3, 2024

Ice Cream For Breakfast Day

Ice Cream for Breakfast Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to a sweet breakfast with this wonderful dessert. It is celebrated every first Saturday in February.


The history of Ice Cream for Breakfast Day begins in the Rappaport family of many children, who lived in Rochester, New York. One day (with a high degree of probability it was 1966) a strong snow storm hit the city. Schools were closed, roads were covered, and the courtyards of houses were littered with snow. In the early February morning, the children complained to their mother that they could not do anything because it was very cold outside. To somehow entertain them, the woman said that there would be ice cream for breakfast.

The tradition of eating ice cream for breakfast has been entrenched in the family. When the children grew up, they introduced her to their friends. This holiday is literally passed down from generation to generation. Today there is information that this day is celebrated not only in the USA, but also in Europe, Nepal, Honduras and so on. As a single date for the celebration, February 4 was chosen and finally fixed.

Interesting facts

  • The ice cream cone appeared by accident in 1904. Then the seller of ice cream at the fair in St. Louis ran out of plates, and had to solve the situation using waffles.
  • The most common at the moment are varieties of ice cream with chocolate, vanilla and strawberries.
  • Professional tasters taste ice cream only with a golden spoon so that the taste of the dessert is not nailed to the notes of other products left on the stainless steel spoon.

How to celebrate

Serve ice cream for breakfast today. Your family will be surprised by such a change in the daily diet! You can not only buy your favorite ice cream, but also cook it yourself. There are hundreds of recipes on the Internet that you can implement. It turns out not only tasty, but natural and healthy!

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When is Ice Cream For Breakfast Day celebrated in 2024?

Ice Cream For Breakfast Day is observed on the first Saturday in February each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday February 3 2024
Saturday February 1 2025
Saturday February 7 2026
Saturday February 6 2027