Hug a Newsperson Day - April 4
Thu, Apr 4, 2024

Hug a Newsperson Day

April 4 is the perfect time to gather spiritual warmth and hug the news channel correspondent, it’s Hug a News person Day! A peculiar, original way to express gratitude to person reports news. This work helps ordinary citizens to get objective information firsthand. Reporters even risk covering the actions from locations of dangerous events. They deserve warmth, sincere support. Send rays of goodness.

The History

First news release with the news anchor John Swayze was presented in 1948. The profession received a new perception with first edition of «Saturday Night Live» released in 1975. In 2004 the Anchorman project was presented: «The Legend of Ron Burgundy». He made a splash. According to statistics, 24% of Americans follow the news watching relevant programs on TV.

Interesting facts

Americans realize the profession of a reporter is fraught with peril, risk.

  1. The valuable talent is to present information objectively, without adding feelings, emotions. It’s a difficult job.
  2. Reporters are perfect poker players. They stay cool. No matter what happens behind: explosions, the Apocalypse Horsemen, fights, screams, Batman flying.
  3. 4% US population believe a reporter is a sexual profession, their holiday is valuable opportunity for ordinary viewers to hug an attractive person be seen on TV.

A person get up at 4, rush to make video report on the editorial instructions. Working day starts at 2.00, they need to show breaking news. This holiday was created to show we appreciate and respect, look forward to new releases.

When is Hug a Newsperson Day celebrated in 2024?

Hug a Newsperson Day is observed on April 4 each year.


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