Holy Week - April
Sun, Mar 24, 2024

Holy Week

Holy Week is a worldwide Christian holiday. According to the calendar, Holy Week is the name of the week before Easter. It includes five days of sacred significance for the believer. The start date is different each year.


The days that make up the week have the prefix “Holy Week. Holy Week begins with Sunday, often referred to as Palm Sunday. On this day Jesus entered Jerusalem. Then comes Monday, among the events of this day are the curse of the fig tree and the expulsion of merchants and others from the temple who did not believe in Jesus. On Tuesday, Christ predicted his imminent death. Then comes Wednesday, which marks the day of Judas’ betrayal. He was a disciple of Jesus, but he opposed him.

Clean Thursday is dedicated to the love and light thoughts carried by Christ’s disciples. It is a day of purification. Friday was the day of Jesus’ trial before P. Pilate, his torture, crucifixion and subsequent burial. The week ends with the Sabbath, when Jesus rested in the tomb. On the night before Easter there is an all-night vigil, divided into two parts. Then comes Easter.

Interesting facts

  • Good Friday is a day of mourning.
  • On Thursday it is recommended to clean the house completely and take a bath.
  • Holy Week is a week of Lent, so you should follow a special diet.

How to celebrate

Learn more about Holy Week and the traditions that exist. If you are a professing Christian, you can observe the guidelines for each day, provided you haven’t done so before.

Talk about Holy Week on social media. Ask users if they observe the days described above.

When is Holy Week celebrated in 2024?

Holy Week this year is celebrated on April 10.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday March 24 2024
Sunday April 13 2025