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If you are tired of absolute order, it’s time to join the celebration of Pandemonium Day, which is celebrated annually on July 14th. It is generally accepted that unpredictable events and chaos drastically change our lives for the worse, but one day a year you can relax and allow complete bedlam.

The History

The word pandemonium was first used in the 17th century in the poem Paradise Lost by John Milton. The word consists of two parts – “all” and “demons”. Of course, in the modern world, such a frightening meaning is no longer used, it is something unpredictable and chaotic. If you have the feeling that life is scheduled by the second, boring and too predictable, it’s time to throw the book with the established rules out the window. In Pandemonium Day, you can do the craziest things, cancel meetings, do what is unusual for you, but if you want to go crazy, do not break the laws. The main thing is that on this day you do not violate anyone’s borders and do not harm anyone. The essence of the holiday is to emphasize your own uniqueness.

Interesting Facts

The word “pandemonium” was often used by world stars. For example, in the song “Airplanes” by Hayley Williams or in the title of the Pet Shop Boys album, which was released in 2010. In 1982, a parody horror film called Pandemonium was released. This is how the roller coaster was called in the film, and they still work in the famous Six Flags amusement park.

How to celebrate

  • Sometimes you have to break the rules to live life to the fullest. Live Pandemonium Day like it’s your last day.
  • Have fun, party with your friends.
  • If your life is too laid-back and chaotic, Pandemonium Day is a great excuse to spruce it up a bit.
  • The essence of the holiday is to do what will make you happy and free, and if something in your life needs repair, do it the way your mood and heart suggest.

When is Pandemonium Day celebrated in 2022?

Pandemonium Day is observed on July 14 each year.