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On April 24, holiday dedicated to care of pets is celebrated, it got unusual name National Pet Parents Day. It is not customary to congratulate animal owners on Mother’s or Father’s Day. Last April Sunday compensates for unfortunate omission. Put on leashes (on dogs), grab balls, go to park for long fun walk.

The History

Wild animals found shelter in human habitation thousands of years ago. Man noticed animal adults die, leave cubs. He began to take care of them, breed, adapt for needs or for aesthetic pleasure. Certain types of animals were considered sacred, godlike, deified, protected in possible way. When agriculture was added to main occupation of ancient man, in addition to hunting, animals were used for work in agriculture, plant protection. Pets became companion in XIII century. Small breeds of dogs appeared: noble ladies kept in richly equipped houses, carried with them. Men took large pets to hunt. In the XIX century, ordinary citizens who did not have huge monetary fortune began to have pets. Now there are 70% of Americans have pet. Little friends provide emotional support with presence, affection, perform function of protection, act in films and perform social work (guides, bloodhounds).

Interesting Facts

Scientists found out dogs perceive owner as parent, they have need for family, strong family ties.

  1. Pet Parents are people have pet.
  2. Holiday is celebrated in the USA.
  3. Dogs pretend to feel bad if they feel lack attention from owner.
  4. US citizens spend 60 billion dollars a year on keeping pets.

Pay attention to pet. Take him to veterinary clinic for examination to understand health is normal, no hidden diseases risked turning into difficulties. Express love, devotion to pets, they deserve better treatment.

When is National Pet Parent’s Day celebrated in 2022?

National Pet Parent’s Day is associated with the anticipation of happiness and joy. It is observed on the last Sunday in April.