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May 17 is marked by aroma from oven: we inhale pleasant smell of fresh pastries with berry filling; present culinary masterpiece to festive table, National Cherry Cobbler Day is coming. Great occasion to gather whole family for festive dinner and thank person cooked national dessert!

The History

In the first half of the XVII century, cherry trees appeared in large areas of New York. Plants were imported by European traders. Cherry cobbler was first started in the XIX century. It was variation of delicious dessert cooked from small set of available ingredients. Pie is based on sponge dough. Main secret is abundant filling.

Interesting Facts

If you don’t like cherries, replace with strawberries, strawberries, enjoy holiday! It is not necessary to bake pie yourself, available to order in good bakery, famous for excellent reputation.

  1. Filling is sweet; biscuit is made unsweetened to taste balance. Pie crust is crispy.
  2. Perfect addition to cherry cobbler is whipped cream, scoop of vanilla ice cream as dishes are served in restaurants. Try to repeat at home!
  3. Cherries in composition of pie retain useful properties. Berry contains antioxidants, vitamins help maintain health, contribute to normalization of cardiovascular system.

Give up diet in honor of holiday! Do not deprive yourself of opportunity to try delicious treat. Please neighbor, accept invitation, appropriate gift. It will be cute!

When is National Cherry Cobbler Day Celebrated in 2022?

National Cherry Cobbler Day is associated with the anticipation of happiness and joy. It is observed on May the 17th each year.