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Some diseases, despite the progress in the development of scientific branches, remain incurable; HIV Vaccine Awareness Day is celebrated on May 18, indicating priority, significance of research in development of HIV drugs. People should have information about danger of infection, measures to protect.

The History

First studies were conducted in 1983. There were scientific papers appear, articles were published. In 1997, Bill Clinton emphasized special importance of creating remedy. HIV Vaccine Awareness Day was established in 1998. Effective HIV vaccine is not available, development is underway.

Interesting Facts

Infected people are not deprived of chance for long life, they can live for years in compliance with medical recommendations, medical support. In many cases infected people die from concomitant infections, diseases, pathological processes triggered by deadly virus.

  1. In 1991, public was shocked by statement of famous musician Freddie Mercury informed fans about diagnosis.
  2. Film «Philadelphia» was released in 1993, touching on issues of HIV patients.
  3. Number of infected American people increases annually by tens of thousands.
  4. World scientific community is interested in speedy invention of a vaccine.

Necessary to pay attention to patients with diagnosis, provide psychological support. Important to organize appropriate social programs, work on availability of medications for therapy supported body’s work. It’s impossible to remain indifferent. On holiday, thank doctors, nurses involved in research medical centers working on creation of vaccine.

When is HIV Vaccine Awareness Day celebrated in 2022?

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day is observed on May 18 each year.