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July is full of interesting celebrations that occur monthly, weekly, and daily! Though some of the holidays may seem wacky, we promise they’ll give you a laugh! Have a fun time scrolling through our complete calendar of official and unofficial July holidays, observances, celebrations, and special occasions! You’re guaranteed to have a blast in July with these weird, unusual, and bizarre holidays!

The month of July was named after Julius Caesar in 44 BC. The birthstone for July is the ruby. The July birth flowers are the water lily, delphinium, or larkspur, and they symbolize joy, fickleness, and sweetness. Feelings of open heart and ardent attachment are also attributed to the flowers. July has two zodiac signs: Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd) and Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd).

July Monthly Observances

July is all about celebrating, and some celebrations occur throughout the entire month! July monthly holidays were created to observe a variety of different causes and topics relating to foods, health, business, and more.

  • Bereaved Parents Awareness Month;
  • Bioterrorism/Disaster Education and Awareness Month;
  • Eggplant and Lettuce Month;
  • Family Golf Month;
  • Family Reunion Month. Date Varies: July, August, or May 13th – June 17th;
  • Freedom from Fear of Speaking Month;
  • International Blondie and Deborah Harry Month;
  • International Group B Strep Awareness Month;
  • International Women with Alopecia Month;
  • International Zine Month;
  • Mango and Melon Month;
  • National Anti-Boredom Month;
  • National Black Family Month;
  • National Blueberry Month;
  • National Cellphone Courtesy Month;
  • National Child-Centered Divorce Month;
  • National Doghouse Repairs Month;
  • National Grilling Month;
  • National Hemochromatosis Awareness Month;
  • National Herbal and Prescription Awareness Month;
  • National Horseradish Month;
  • National Hot Dog Month;
  • National Ice Cream Month;
  • National Independent Retailer Month;
  • National Make a Difference to Children Month;
  • National Parks and Recreation Month;
  • National Picnic Month;
  • National Share a Sunset with Your Lover Month;
  • National Vacation Rental Month;
  • National Wheelchair Beautification Month;
  • Nectarine and Garlic Month;
  • Sandwich Generation Month;
  • Smart Irrigation Month;
  • Social Wellness Month;
  • Women’s Motorcycle Month.

July Weekly Celebrations

Throughout the month of July, weekly observances are set apart to recognize different causes and subjects affiliated with sports, health, professions, and even nude recreation! Have some fun, and celebrate every week in July!

  • National Unassisted Homebirth Week (July 1st – July 7th);
  • Be Nice to New Jersey Week (1st Full Week);
  • Creative Maladjustment Week (July 7th – July 14th);
  • National Farriers Week (2nd Week: Wednesday – Tuesday);
  • Nude Recreation Week (2nd Week: Monday – Sunday);
  • National Ventriloquism Week (2nd Full Week: Wednesday – Saturday);
  • Captive Nations Week (3rd Week);
  • National Zoo Keeper Week (3rd Week);
  • Everybody Deserves A Massage Week (3rd Full Week);
  • National Independent Retailers Week (3rd Full Week);
  • National Parenting Gifted Children Week (3rd Full Week);
  • Restless Leg Syndrome Education and Awareness Week (July 18th – July 22nd);
  • Sports Cliché Week (Week of Major League Baseball All-Star Game).

When is Early Bird Day Celebrated in 2022?

Early Bird Day is associated with the anticipation of happiness and joy. It is observed on July the 1st each year.