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Dinosaur Day is the perfect holiday to expand your knowledge and learn more about dinosaurs. These long non-existent animals inspire fear, fascinate with their size and majesty.


The Mesozoic era, began more than 250 million years ago, is dinosaurs era. The word «dinosaur», meaning «terrible lizard», didn’t appear until 1842. This is how scientist Richard Owen named reptiles. Today, scientists study a lot about their movement and development. By the way, birds are considered dinosaurs descendants.

It’s established the last dinosaurs walked on planet Earth 64 million years ago. Why did the dinosaurs die out? Scientists are inclined to believe a giant meteorite fell to Earth. After a huge cloud of dust formed on Earth, eclipsing the sun for years, and the air temperature dropped. Dinosaurs were cold-blooded, and couldn’t survive without heat.

It’s unknown when Dinosaur Day was established. Holiday purpose is expanding knowledge, joining the study of interesting facts. The holiday is enjoyed by children loving to study the dinosaurs’ life, as well as various scientific organizations.

Interesting Facts

It’s very interesting!

  1. Dinosaurs lived all over planet Earth.
  2. About 1000 species of dinosaurs are known to science.
  3. The highest dinosaur diplodocus was 79 feet.
  4. The smallest dinosaur’s remains were found on modern German territory. Scientists have established its weight was 2.5 kg.
  5. Closest relative of dinosaurs living on Earth is crocodile.
  6. Brain size of most dinosaurs was a walnut’s size.

How to celebrate

There are several ways to have a great Dinosaur Day:

  • Visit a museum.
  • Create a dinosaur model (using construction kit or wood).
  • Visit online programs.
  • Play themed board games.

When is Dinosaur Day Celebrated in 2022?

Dinosaur Day is observed once on the third Tuesday of May and again on 1 June.