Health Care Aide Day - October 18
Wed, Oct 18, 2023

Health Care Aide Day

On October 18, Health Care Aide Day in Canada celebrates junior healthcare personnel. These professionals work around the clock, providing emergency care and caring for patients. Like doctors, these employees are indispensable for providing full and timely treatment to patients.


In the 19th century, patients had to make their own way to hospitals in order to receive emergency care or start treatment. It was only in the 20th century that the concept of mobile ambulance appeared, with trained specialists going to the places where the sick were. In 1909, MetLife introduced its own medical policy, which called for a doctor’s home visit. Over the following years, doctors increasingly began to visit patients at home, and the incidence of infectious diseases decreased.

Interesting facts

  • The first institution that provided medical assistance to people in need was the European “xendochia”, created in the 10-11 centuries for the poor, the homeless, and people with serious illnesses.
  • In the early 20th century, specially designed crews were used to transport patients – ambulances.
  • The Austrian surgeon Jaromir Mundi is considered the founder of ambulance, with the fire of 1881 serving as the impetus for the creation of this segment of the healthcare system, when 479 people died in the Vienna Theater due to a lack of medical aid.
  • A red cross on a white background is not always a symbol of an ambulance: in Muslim states, the cross is depicted inside a crescent, and Jews replace it with a six-pointed star.

How to take part

Celebrate Health Care Aide Day by congratulating junior healthcare professionals who specialize in providing healthcare. You can also share your congratulations on social media by expressing your public gratitude to these healthcare workers. You can also learn more about how work is done in the hospital, what cases occur when a nurse is called to the house, and how medical workers have coped with their duties during the pandemic.

When is Health Care Aide Day celebrated in 2023?

Health Care Aide Day is observed on October 18 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday October 18 2023
Friday October 18 2024
Saturday October 18 2025
Sunday October 18 2026