Great Poetry Reading Day - April 28
Fri, Apr 28, 2023

Great Poetry Reading Day

On April 28, a beautiful, sentimental holiday is celebrated for those putting words into beautiful phrases, endowed with metaphorical meaning. Great Poetry Reading Day is dedicated to lovers of literature in this elegant form. Remember poetic meter, main styles and directions, reread your favorite poems, admire the genius behind outstanding poets of past centuries.

The History

Poetry belongs to ancient art forms. Great figures of Ancient Greece wrote works that are considered classics of ancient literature and are studied at universities and schools as filigree mastery of words. Poems were written as far back as 2000 BC. They wrote lines on stones, passed from memory. In the Middle Ages, a clear tendency to write sonnets appeared. Poetic form requires strict adherence to the structure that regulates the number of quatrains, lines, and the nature of rhyme. Modern poetry emerged as a mixture of styles and new trends.

Fun Facts

Enjoy the beauty of words composed in rhymes, carrying special metaphysical meaning.

  1. Poetry affects the state of one’s soul. Reading a poem changes one’s mood, inspiring or immersing the reader in sadness.
  2. Poets served at royal courts, held official positions, and received royalties for poetry. Their duty was to create laudatory poems, odes dedicated to the royalty, their appearance and deeds. Poets knew how to praise them for trifles.
  3. At the time of duels, conflicts between opponents were resolved with weapons and epigrams designed to humiliate and point out the opponent’s obvious shortcomings. Resemble the modern rap battle? For successful lines in the distant past, they could be killed or granted a fortune.

Attend a creative event on this festive evening. Read your favorite poem, record a video, and share it. Take time to read the biography of your favorite poet.

When is Great Poetry Reading Day celebrated in 2023?

Great Poetry Reading Day is observed on April 28 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday April 28 2023
Sunday April 28 2024
Monday April 28 2025