Great Egg Toss Day - September 6
Wed, Sep 6, 2023

Great Egg Toss Day

Great Egg Toss Day is a holiday dedicated to a slightly strange but fun sport. Do you know that a world championship is held in this sport? Many people in the US associate egg toss with Easter, but if you prefer to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, join Great Egg Toss Day.


Throwing eggs is a fun team game loved for its simple rules and great mood. It is simple – one participant throws an egg to another, who attempts to catch it. The distance between them is 10 m. If after the first throw the egg does not break, the participants move further away from each other. The competition continues as long as the egg remains intact.

According to one version, the game appeared at the beginning of the 14th century. In a small village in Lincolnshire, there was a man who had chickens, and he encouraged the villagers to go to church and gave them each one egg at a time. Today, the World Egg Throwing Federation operates officially, and controls the organization and holding of championships.

Interesting Facts

  • The longest distance an egg has been thrown is 323 feet. This throw is included in the Guinness Book of Records.
  • Egg tossing records are held by two brothers, Andries Sminka and Bauke Jetze Sminka, whose record is tossing an egg 250 feet.
  • The largest number of spectators at an egg tossing event was 2130 people.
  • The older the egg, the easier it is to peel.

How to take part

Play egg tossing; it is really fun and uplifting. Organize a competition between friends and come up with a prize. Children will be especially happy to take part in this game. Share the holiday on social media, but first learn about its history and fascinating facts about the day.

When is Great Egg Toss Day in 2023?

Great Egg Toss Day is observed on September 6 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday September 6 2023
Friday September 6 2024
Saturday September 6 2025
Sunday September 6 2026

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