Great American Smokeout - November
Thu, Nov 16, 2023

Great American Smokeout

The Great American Smoke-out is celebrated in the United States annually on the third Thursday of November each year. It is a day to call attention to the dangers of smoking and to encourage smokers to quit. Everyone knows that smoking is a bad habit, but the number of smokers is still growing. According to statistics, about 500 smokers die in America every year. The holiday calls for smokers to throw away tobacco products and breathe with full lungs!


Despite tightening laws, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and increasing the price of cigarettes, people are still smoking cigarettes, hookahs, electronic products, and devices that heat tobacco. The medical costs associated with smoking are estimated at 300 billion dollars a year. Is the habit worth the terrible consequences? The Great American Smoke-out is a day to inform the public about the harms of smoking and to encourage smokers to quit. Even if one person decides to quit smoking, it is considered a success.

People start smoking for various reasons: stress, social support, image, self-indulgence. Quitting this habit is much more difficult, but there are resources available to help. The Great American Smokeout website provides information that anyone who wants to quit smoking will need.

Interesting facts

  • Cigarettes contain not only tobacco, but also glue, saltpeter, and acetone.
  • Nitrosamine in cigarettes can cause cancer.
  • More than 1 million tobacco products are bought on the planet every 10 minutes.
  • 15 billion cigarettes are smoked in 1 day worldwide.
  • Every 5 inhabitants die from smoking.
  • Smokers are more prone to heart attacks than others.

How to take part

Today is the day to try to quit smoking. Test your willpower and challenge your inner self. Talk openly with people who smoke about the dangers of the habit, discuss the topic on social networks. Watch documentaries and terrifying pictures on the Internet. Seek help from a specialist. Together, we can reduce the number of smokers and save lives!

When is Great American Smokeout celebrated in 2023?

Great American Smokeout is observed on the third Thursday of November each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday November 16 2023
Thursday November 21 2024
Thursday November 20 2025
Thursday November 19 2026