Golfer’s Day - April 10
Wed, Apr 10, 2024

Golfer’s Day

Golfers Day is a worldwide holiday dedicated to golfers. This sport is considered by some people to be an empty pastime, because it is not difficult to move from position to position and to hit the ball with a club in an attempt to hit the hole. However, you have to have good eye sight and body control to hit the ball the right way. It is not as easy as it looks! The holiday is celebrated every year on April 10.


The history of Golfers Day spans several centuries. The first manifestations of this game were in Scotland. It gained great popularity among the royal families. Initially, golf consisted of hitting a pebble on the dunes, arranged around the paths. Later, a single standard game was developed, there were holes in which you have to drive small balls by punching. The popularity of the game gave such monarchs as James the 4th and Charles the First. The first international golf competitions were held in 1682 near Edinburgh, which brought the Dukes of Scotland to compete against aristocrats from England.

In 1744 the first golf club was formed. Golf became an official sport, and its spread was unstoppable. In 1870, a golf club appeared outside England – in Cape Town, India, which meant only one thing – golf entered the international arena.

Interesting facts

  • The American Golf Association was founded in 1894. Today there are several thousand golf clubs across the country.
  • The first putter is of Scottish origin and dates back to around 1600. It was made entirely of metal.
  • Many people decipher the meaning of the word GOLF as Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden, which emphasizes the gentlemanly status of the game.

How to celebrate

Play a round of golf that day. The holiday is a great excuse to learn the basic skills of the game. Sign up for an instructional course, for example.

Tell people about the event on social media. Ask users if they played golf. Do they like the game?

When is Golfer’s Day celebrated in 2024?

Golfer’s Day is observed on April 10 each year.


Wednesday April 10 2024
Thursday April 10 2025
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