Goddess of Fertility Day - March 18
Mon, Mar 18, 2024

Goddess of Fertility Day

Goddess of Fertility Day is a holiday of international importance dedicated to the goddess of fertility. It is not recognized as official and is a kind of continuation of the pagan traditions of numerous peoples of the world. The holiday is celebrated annually on March 18.


The history of the Goddess of Fertility Day in the modern world is not precisely known, but the appearance is closely connected with the pagan faith. It was very important for ancient peoples, it allowed to give answers to many questions and helped in life. Various traditions and rituals had a specific purpose – to cause rain, cure diseases, banish evil spirits, and so on.

A special place in the pantheon of deities was held by the goddess of fertility. Its names differed from nation to nation, but its essence was similar. In ancient Greece she was Demeter, in Rome – Ceres, in Slavic peoples – Lada. Prayers to the goddess and various festivities were given great importance, as the proper observance of this day was a guarantee of a good harvest.

The date of the celebration was specifically chosen earlier than the vernal equinox. Nature is just beginning to wake up from her winter sleep, the sun is looking out more often and the long-awaited heat is coming to earth, which will give people a sense of comfort and a great harvest.

The goddess of fertility was also associated with procreation. She was prayed to by women who wanted to procreate. It was believed that it would help children grow up healthy and strong.

Interesting facts

  • Many cultures placed peculiar monuments to the goddess of fertility, having a female image. Childless women often came to them in the hope of healing and having children.
  • In today’s world, women can get pregnant through artificial insemination. This method was developed by Robert Edwards in 1963.
  • Research on the development of the embryo in the early stages of pregnancy was conducted on animals in 1826 by researcher Carl Ernst.

How to celebrate

Learn more about fertility goddesses from different cultures in Goddess of Fertility Day. If you have been planning to have children for a long time, the holiday will be a great reason to go to the clinic and have all the necessary examinations.

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When is Goddess of Fertility Day celebrated in 2024?

Goddess of Fertility Day is observed on March 18 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday March 18 2024
Tuesday March 18 2025