Global Wind Day - June 15
Sat, Jun 15, 2024

Global Wind Day

Wind power is a promising direction, the development of which will solve many environmental and economic problems. Global Wind Day is a holiday founded by two fairly influential organizations in the field of ecology and wind energy. The mission of Global Wind Day, which is celebrated annually on June 15, is to change the public’s attitude to energy resources, and to draw attention to the huge, untapped potential of the wind.


For the first time, people started talking about the holiday dedicated to the wind in 2007; it became a world holiday on June 15 received a few years later. In 2009, three dozen countries took part in the events dedicated to the holiday, and their number increases every year.

Wind is an endless source of energy, efficient, affordable and safe. The number of wind power plants in the world is increasing, since the strength and power of the wind is an ecological source of energy. Taming it will help solve the problem of a shortage of natural resources, including fuel.

Interesting Facts

  • The slogan of the holiday is: β€˜The future lies with wind turbines!’.
  • Wind turbines are successfully operated in 80 states, hundreds of thousands of specialists are involved in companies that produce wind energy.
  • Top countries in the wind energy market are China, Iceland, Denmark, Germany, and the USA.
  • The use of wind energy will make it possible to forget about global warming.

How to take part

The organizers of Global Wind Day set themselves an ambitious goal – to introduce the principles of wind energy to ordinary citizens and owners of large companies, and radically change the energy market. On June 15, thematic events, study trips to wind farms, lectures, and seminars are held around the world. Take part in them.

The easiest way to introduce your child to wind energy is to fly a kite with them.

When is Global Wind Day celebrated in 2024?

Global Wind Day is observed on June 15 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday June 15 2024
Sunday June 15 2025

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