Global Talent Acquisition Day - September
Wed, Sep 4, 2024

Global Talent Acquisition Day

Global Talent Acquisition Day is celebrated every year on the first Wednesday of September. The holiday was established by KRT Marketing in 2018. The agency specializes in finding and attracting employees with the necessary skills and qualifications. If it weren’t for people who find real talent, many companies would not be able to succeed.


The profession of attracting talented employees has existed for thousands of years, so this field is not new. Since people have always sought to satisfy their needs, the process of hiring skilled craftsmen has also always existed. One of the earliest examples of hiring is from the Song Dynasty. To get a public position, applicants had to pass exams so difficult that only 1% of applicants coped with them. This selection process ensured that the best would work in the Chinese government.

Interesting Facts

  • Julius Caesar was one of the first to establish a system of selection for military service, successfully recruiting only the best soldiers. That is why the Roman army was famous all over the world.
  • During World War I, the recruitment of soldiers into the army intensified, and propaganda posters and leaflets were developed.
  • More than 65% of business leaders say that special strategic training programs are effective and help to find and successfully attract new talent.
  • There is an acute shortage of talent in the world; by 2030, the shortage will be 85 million people.
  • More than 90% of HR managers say training programs help close skills gaps.

How to Take Part

If you have agents in your area, host a thank-you lunch or dinner. Let these people feel their efforts are recognized. If you are an employer, look at the office through the eyes of new employees and see whether you like going there every day. Refresh your workspace. Write a thank you post on social networks. The role of agents is underestimated; correct this gap.

When is Global Talent Acquisition Day celebrated in 2024?

Global Talent Acquisition Day is observed on the first Wednesday in September each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday September 4 2024
Wednesday September 3 2025
Wednesday September 2 2026
Wednesday September 1 2027
Wednesday September 6 2028
Wednesday September 5 2029