Global Movie Day - February
Sat, Feb 10, 2024

Global Movie Day

Cinema is able to inspire, delight, relax and even push to make important decisions. The founders of Global Movie Day are of the opinion that films play an important role in life. As proof of this, a holiday was established dedicated to everyone who is engaged in the film industry and ordinary film lovers.


Global Movie Day was established in 2020, and it is celebrated annually on the second Saturday of February. The initiators of the creation of such a holiday were members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and the date was not chosen by chance, because at this time the most prestigious Oscar award is presented.

More than 150 years have passed since the Lumière brothers patented a device for displaying moving pictures. This invention marked the beginning of the development of the film industry. Now all kinds of special effects, complex cameras, computer graphics are used in the creation of films, all these additions, the game of actors and talented directors makes films more interesting and beautiful.

Useful facts

  • From 1895 to 1946, Auguste and Louis Lumière created 1800 paintings. They are still kept in the archives of French cinema.
  • The world’s first poster was printed before the screening of the film “Grand Cafe”. The rarity in 2008 was put up for auction at Sotheby’s, where it was sold for 160 thousand pounds sterling.
  • About 750 films are produced annually in India. Bollywood still maintains the pace set by American film studios in 1935, but Hollywood has not released 2 films a day for a long time.
  • In 1929, the first Oscar ceremony took place. In the luxurious Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, 15 statuettes were awarded to actors in different nominations.

How to celebrate

Devote this day to watching your favorite movies in the company of friends or go to the premiere of a new masterpiece.

A great entertainment for a large company will be a quiz dedicated to cinema. It doesn’t have to have questions about history. You can invite your friends to tell about their first trip to the cinema or interesting facts about their favorite actors and films.

Try to discover a new genre in cinematography. If you prefer horror, turn on the most tearful melodrama or watch a romantic musical.

When is Global Movie Day celebrated in 2024?

Global Movie Day is observed on the second Saturday of February each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday February 10 2024
Saturday February 8 2025
Saturday February 14 2026
Saturday February 13 2027