Global Champagne Day - October
Fri, Oct 28, 2022

Global Champagne Day

Global Champagne Day is celebrated annually on the fourth Friday of October. And this is a great excuse to drink a couple of glasses for the upcoming weekend! People for whom the drink is something special join the holiday. What about you?


The holiday was founded in the USA in 2009. Despite the fact that champagne is a French drink, its presence was first celebrated in America. The initiator was blogger Chris Oggenfuss, who has great love for the drink of kings.

The creation of the first sparkling drink was based on chance. It was even called the “Devil’s Wine” due to the fact that due to the internal pressure, the bottles exploded or squeezed out the corks. Experts used to believe that the emerging bubbles were a manufacturing error. In other words, marriage. In 1844, the muselet was created – a special device that was worn on the cork to contain the pressure of the contents.

Interesting facts

Did you know that:

  • one of the most expensive drinks is called “Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck”. Bottles found in a sunken ship. The price of 1 piece is more than 250 thousand dollars;
  • the record high bottle reached a height of 1,82 meters. It was made specifically for the Oscar for the role of Rex Harrison;
  • a cork flies out of a bottle at a speed of about 40 km per hour (it will increase to 100 km if you hold the champagne in the open sun), it can fly up to 12 meters;
  • The Gosset brand was founded in 1584 and is considered the oldest brand.

How to celebrate

Invite your friends to a delicious dinner or a noisy party – in any case, there should be bottles of champagne on the table! Celebrate the date, have fun and fool around. Read an in-depth history of the drink and its journey across countries. Visit the factories where the drink is made, arrange a tour with the managers and see with your own eyes the technological processes.

When is Global Champagne Day celebrated in 2022?

Global Champagne Day is observed on the fourth Friday of October each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday October 28 2022
Friday October 27 2023
Friday October 25 2024
Friday October 24 2025
Friday October 23 2026