Garfield the Cat Day - June 19
Wed, Jun 19, 2024

Garfield the Cat Day

Red-haired and self-confident, Garfield-the-cat Day on June 19 celebrates everyone’s favorite cartoon cat. This pet consults on global economic and political issues, and gives advice on what kind of treat to choose for dinner. He is adored by children and adults for his unpredictable, cheerful disposition.

The History

Garfield first appeared in front of audiences in 1978. Soon, his charming muzzle graced the covers of leading American magazines. In 1984, the character gained the status of national hero and appeared at parades and events dedicated to the main national holidays in the United States.

Interesting Facts

Distinctive features of this fluffy cat are impudence, straightforwardness bordering on audacity, wit, and insight.

  1. The author of the stories is Jim Davis. He created Garfield.
  2. Garfield loves delicious food. Literary sources report his favorite dishes are lasagna, sausages, and Mexican sandwiches.
  3. Garfield is direct evidence of peculiarity; the special essence of cats was celebrated in Ancient Egypt, where they honored the animals and gave them divine status. He approves of the worship of his perfection.

Garfield likes to talk about philosophical topics. From his sayings, it is possible to glean unshakable truths and find food for reflection on the metaphysical questions of the universe.

How to take part

Write a comic based on Garfield’s life, make lasagna for lunch. If you do not have literary or culinary talent, reread the original and yourself recharge with positive emotions while laughing at his simple, charming jokes.

When is Garfield the Cat Day celebrated in 2024?

Garfield the Cat Day is observed on June 19 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday June 19 2024
Thursday June 19 2025