Galentine's Day - February 13
Tue, Feb 13, 2024

Galentine’s Day

Friendship has a special meaning for every person. It is important for girls to realize that they have friends, on whom it is always important to rely. Celebrated on February 13, Galentine’s Day reminds you of the great importance of any minute spent next to loved ones. Today it is worth saying “thank you” to everyone who supports after breakups, spends the night on end for conversations and always cheers up with sparkling jokes.


In 2009, a new series called “Parks and Recreation” appeared on television. Pretty quickly, the show wins the attention of the audience. A particularly memorable character was the main character, the official Leslie. She was never lucky in a romantic relationship. To cope with emotional experiences, the woman was helped by her best friends, who always find themselves nearby. She came up with her own holiday to show her love for them. The company decided to celebrate the celebration the day before February 14, in spite of all couples in love.

Despite the fact that the holiday did not receive the status of official, it gained great popularity. At first, only fans of the television series took part in it. A special issue was released in 2010, and billboards with shining Galentine’s Day inscriptions began to appear in cities.

Girls across the country decide to make the celebration a national friendship day. They do not miss the opportunity to please their friends with unexpected surprises and bright gifts. On this day, the fair sex is trying to show how important friendly love is to them. And no man in the world can change that.

Fun facts

  1. According to surveys, 98% of women on the planet have best friends. Many note that they trust them much more than romantic partners.
  2. On one of the days of the celebration, a new movement appeared – #WomenSupportWomen. Over the years, it gains great fame. Girls try to prove that they are independent personalities who do not need support from men.

How to celebrate

The holiday is the perfect occasion to meet with friends. Today it is worth excluding all representatives of the stronger sex from your life and spending time with friends. Go shopping, browse the spa and throw a pajama party. Do everything possible to make this day remembered for a long time.

When is Galentine’s Day celebrated in 2024?

Galentine’s Day is observed on February 13 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday February 13 2024
Thursday February 13 2025
Friday February 13 2026
Saturday February 13 2027

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