Fire Prevention Day - October 9
Sun, Oct 9, 2022

Fire Prevention Day

Fire Prevention Day is held annually on October 9th. Its purpose is to inform people that it is easier to avoid a fire than to prevent a tragedy. On this date, people who died in the fire are also remembered. Join the events in your city and become a barrier to terrible troubles!


Everyone has heard of the Great Chicago Fire. The fire claimed the lives of more than 300 people, destroyed more than 17 structures and left 000 people homeless on the street. The legend tells: Mrs. O’Leary was milking her cow. The animal kicked the lamp with its foot, and this set the hay on fire. With such a seemingly trifle, a terrible catastrophe occurred. If the woman had taken the right action, then Chicago in the first year of 10 lived a happy autumn.

But there is good news: after this incident, people began to be really more careful about fire. Security organizations were formed, conversations were held with people, methods of struggle were developed. In the United States, Fire Prevention Day was made official in 1925. John Calvin Coolidge – the 4th President of America considered this date to be the most important, because the statistics showed disappointing data. In 1924 alone, 15 Americans died.

Interesting facts

Notable points:

  • the first documented fire occurred around 1400 BC. Two biblical cities were burnt by the Lord for the sins of people;
  • the Melanophila acuminate beetle waits for forest fires to breed (it lays its eggs in burnt wood);
  • The profession of a firefighter appeared in ancient Egypt.

How to celebrate

Find out how the holiday is celebrated in your city and create a plan for visiting interesting places. It can be seminars, fire drills… Check the safety of your home and share useful information with loved ones. Participate in discussions of the date on social networks and attract more people!

When is Fire Prevention Day celebrated in 2022?

Fire Prevention Day is observed on October 9 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday October 9 2022
Monday October 9 2023
Wednesday October 9 2024
Thursday October 9 2025
Friday October 9 2026