Fibonacci Day - November 23
Wed, Nov 23, 2022

Fibonacci Day

Fibonacci Day is celebrated on November 23rd in America. On this date, the greatest mathematician who lived in medieval Europe is honored. He made a huge contribution to the development of the discipline, laying in it the main concepts. Do you know anything interesting about his person?


Leonardo Bonucci was born in the family of an Italian merchant. One day, his father took him on a trip to South Africa, where the guy got acquainted with the Indo-Arabic number system. Already in 1202 he told Europe about it. The man also taught the famous Fibonacci sequence: from 1,2,3,4,5 it is created by adding the 2 previous numbers in order to get the final number.

This sequence is used to calculate the proportions of many things: weather conditions, flora and fauna, the universe, and so on. If you look around, the whole world is saturated with mathematics! If you understand the meaning of Fibonacci, you can see the golden ratio in ordinary things.

Interesting facts

It is curious that:

  • hurricanes, like other phenomena in nature, correspond to the Fibonacci spiral;
  • the facial features of a person that most closely correspond to the golden ratio are considered beautiful and ideal;
  • flower petals consistently match the number – each one is in the perfect position to receive sunlight. Snail shells also imitate it.

How to celebrate

If you’ve never been interested in math, it’s time to start! Study the term, and if you do not understand the meaning, refer to a mathematician. This can also be done on social networks – many people celebrate the holiday and are ready to explain things that you do not understand. Create your own spiral, involve close people in the activity. Share photos on social networks so that more people know about the date.

When is Fibonacci Day celebrated in 2022?

Fibonacci Day is observed on November 23 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday November 23 2022
Thursday November 23 2023
Saturday November 23 2024
Sunday November 23 2025
Monday November 23 2026

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