Extra Virgin Olive Oil Day - September 30
Fri, Sep 30, 2022

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Day

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Day is celebrated annually on September 30th. For people who regularly consume olive oil, this holiday comes every day. If you are not used to adding it to dishes, it’s time to get acquainted with the benefits of the product and useful qualities.


Olive oil is tasty, nutritious, the beneficial properties of the product are provided by monounsaturated fatty acids, as well as polyphenols with anti-inflammatory properties. To determine the exact amount of olive oil your body needs, consult a nutritionist. The norm depends on many factors – weight, age, degree of activity. This type of oil has been around for centuries. In the Mediterranean, it was believed that olive trees were sent to people by the gods.

Interesting Facts

  • Olive oil strengthens the immune system, but we are talking about a product of the first cold pressing. It is in it that most of the antioxidants, as well as healthy, monounsaturated fats.
  • Moderate consumption of the product normalizes the level of sugar in the body, this allows you to stabilize the patient’s condition with type 2 diabetes.
  • Olive oil stabilizes the work of the heart, for this it is enough to eat 2 tablespoons of the product per day.
  • Vegetable oil helps cleanse the liver and improve brain function.

How to celebrate

Buy a bottle of olive oil, but pay attention – the container should be made of dark glass, and the product must be first cold pressed. Carefully study the label, the composition of the product, check when the crop was harvested. Read – what are the producers of olive oil, and also go to a nutritionist to find out exactly how much to use the product.

When is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Day in 2022?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Day is observed on September 30 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday September 30 2022
Saturday September 30 2023
Monday September 30 2024
Tuesday September 30 2025
Wednesday September 30 2026