Encourage a Young Writer Day - April 10
Wed, Apr 10, 2024

Encourage a Young Writer Day

Encourage a Young Writer Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to supporting young writers and promoting writing in the community. The holiday is celebrated on April 10. On this day we should support children and teens who are trying to make a name for themselves as writers. Perhaps they will become world-renowned authors in the future because we believe in them today.


The history of Encourage a Young Writer Day is not known. It was probably established by writing communities to support young people who are passionate about writing poetry, stories, novels, and other things.

Writing, as many researchers believe, originated in ancient Sumer. It was actively used in the state, and was later spread throughout the world by itinerant traders and travelers. However, more modern research has shown that the written language appeared in several civilizations, then refined, changed and mixed. In the end, from signs and dashes little understood by modern people were born letters, of which texts were composed.

Authorship has been valued since ancient times. Writers told not only about the current time, but also about something unexplored and secret (so myths and legends were born). Art was constantly evolving and reflecting one era or another.

Interesting facts

  • It is believed that the first poems appeared in the 23rd century B.C. Their author was the daughter of the Akkadian ruler Sargon, the priestess En-hedu-ana.
  • Anyone can learn to write – you need to use language competently, have a flexible mind and be a bit of a dreamer and fantasist.
  • Many famous writers (S. King, G. Green) talk about the need for metered writing. That is, it is necessary to write a certain number of words and stop, so that the brain does not experience overload and the quality of the written word does not suffer.

How to celebrate

Try to write a piece of your own work that day, even if it’s short. If your children have an urge to write, work on it and encourage any steps your child takes in that direction. It is so important for children and teens to feel supported!

Spread the word on social media. Let more people know about it!

When is Encourage a Young Writer Day celebrated in 2024?

Encourage a Young Writer Day is observed on April 10 each year.


Wednesday April 10 2024
Thursday April 10 2025
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