Draw a Picture of a Bird Day - April 8
Mon, Apr 8, 2024

Draw a Picture of a Bird Day

Draw a Picture of a Bird Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to drawing birds. It is celebrated on April 8. There is a touching story behind it that you should definitely check out and take part in the celebration of this day!


The history of Draw a Picture of a Bird Day dates back to 1943. It is not an initiative of bird researchers or conservationists. It begins with a little seven-year-old girl, Dory Cooper, who went to a hospital in Britain to visit and support her uncle who had been wounded in the war. Doctors had to amputate his leg, due to severe injuries sustained in a landmine explosion. Dory decided to help her uncle distract himself from the horrors of war and asked him to draw a bird. The drawing didn’t turn out well, as the soldier had no inclination for the art of art. Nevertheless, Dory hung his drawing in her room.

Uncle was very pleased to feel the support of the little girl. When she came on other occasions, other soldiers joined the initiative. As a result, Dory’s entire room ended up decorated with drawings of birds. In 1946, the girl died in a car accident and a holiday was established in her honor. It allows us to rejoice in simple things, but also encourages us to remember the soldiers and help these people, because they survived a terrible time.

Interesting facts

  • Today there are more than 10,500 known species of birds living on our planet.
  • Most researchers agree that the ancestors of birds were dinosaurs.
  • The hummingbird is not only the smallest bird in the world, but also a bird that can fly not only forward but also backward.

How to celebrate

Visit military acquaintances, support them. Draw any bird you want. Just do it, even if you don’t know how to draw at all. You can watch instructional videos or read articles with an algorithm for drawing birds.

Spread the word about the holiday on social media. Share the resulting bird pictures with your users.

When is Draw a Picture of a Bird Day celebrated in 2024?

Draw a Picture of a Bird Day is observed on April 8 each year.


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Tuesday April 8 2025
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