Ditch New Years Resolutions Day - January 17
Wed, Jan 17, 2024

Ditch New Years Resolutions Day

Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day is a holiday dedicated to New Year’s resolutions. It is celebrated annually on January 17th. Remember every New Year. Surely you were going to repeatedly change your life. For example, they wanted to start going to the gym, learning a new language, and so on, but many of the goals were successfully forgotten.


The Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day holiday is not official, so there are many rumors and conjectures about the history of its origin. It may have been created by a group of researchers from the University of Scranton. They conducted statistical studies, as a result of which they came to the conclusion that only 10% of people who made New Year’s resolutions successfully fulfill them.

The tradition of giving New Year communion is connected with the Babylonian Akitu festival. The New Year marks the completion of a complete revolution of the Earth around the Sun, after which the next revolution begins. This was a kind of symbol of “new life”, now it was possible to start everything from scratch.

In fact, setting goals for the New Year is not an effective method. You cannot change immediately, because the transition to the next year does not have any magical power. Only your own discipline and perseverance will allow you to succeed. Promises made on New Year’s Eve are just a tradition. Their fulfillment depends only on your efforts.

Interesting facts

  • Psychologists recommend breaking big goals into small tasks. Progress will be seen, which will provide motivation to move on.
  • The expression “New Year’s Resolutions” first appeared in a Boston newspaper.
  • An effective way to keep track of your promises and keep them is to keep a diary of your progress.

How to celebrate

You can skip the celebration of this day if you are confidently moving towards your goal and have achieved considerable success. Don’t stop, everything will work out! If many New Year’s resolutions were failed, then do not be discouraged. Have a good rest in Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day, listen to music, take a walk with friends. Throw away all the worries and worries from life for a day.

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When is Ditch New Years Resolutions Day celebrated in 2024?

Ditch New Years Resolutions Day is observed on January 17 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday January 17 2024
Friday January 17 2025
Saturday January 17 2026
Sunday January 17 2027