Dentist’s Day - march 6
Wed, Mar 6, 2024

Dentist’s Day

Dentist Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to dentists. It is a rather ancient profession that is of great importance today. Thanks to these doctors, we can take care of our oral health by preventing tooth decay. The holiday is celebrated on March 6.


Celebrating Dentist Day is a way for people to express their love and thank dentists for their work. The first dentists appeared thousands of years ago. Human remains have been discovered in the Indus Valley. On examination of the teeth, a small, almost perfectly drilled hole was found there. This speaks to the good abilities of the dentists of those years.

There were no dentists as such during the Middle Ages. The role of dentists was often performed by barbers. All help was limited to the extraction of diseased teeth, because due to the lack of anesthetics and knowledge of therapy, we could not count on more.

Pierre Fauchard is rightly called the father of dentistry. A French surgeon who lived in the 18th century, he actively studied dental diseases and developed methods of treating them. In 1928, D.M. Harris opened the first dental school. All these achievements meant the birth of a new medical specialty – the dentist.

Interesting facts

  • The first dentist is considered to be the ancient Egyptian doctor Hesi-Ra, who lived about 4,600 years ago.
  • The natural reserve of tooth strength is 60 years.
  • To keep your teeth healthy, not only do you need to brush them daily, but you also need to eat a proper diet. But even this is not a guarantee of safety, because the fragility of dental tissues can be genetically determined.

How to celebrate

At Dentist Day, leave nice reviews for your dentist online or thank them for their work in person. Visit your doctor to have your teeth checked and to prevent serious diseases at an early stage.

Spread the word on social media. Ask users how often they visit the dentist because of dental problems.

When is Dentist’s Day in 2024?

Dentist’s Day is observed on March 6 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday March 6 2024
Thursday March 6 2025

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