Data Privacy Day - January 28
Sun, Jan 28, 2024

Data Privacy Day

The line between reality and the fictional world of the Internet has become more blurred over the years. Data Privacy Day was created to remind people of the security of their personal data. It is celebrated on January 28 and shows how important it is to feel secure in any area of ​​life.


The need to protect personal information has always existed. As the digital age has evolved, it has only increased. In 1981, Convention 108 was signed on the protection of personal data of individuals. However, they were still under threat. Modern technologies have greatly simplified the collection of data, including illegal ones. Over 4,5 billion people are active social media users who are aware that their lives are in danger.

Almost no one thinks about the importance of privacy until the obvious problems arise. Constant checking restricts movement and takes too much time. Everyone should think about caution and set certain limits. They will help reduce the rice to a minimum.

Interesting facts

  1. In 2014, January 28 was declared National Data Protection Day. For the first time the celebration was held in 2006 at the initiative of the Council of Europe.
  2. Some believe that they are not a target for scammers, because they do not have large funds and do not own real estate. This opinion is wrong. Anyone can be a victim.
  3. Most people use the same password for all websites and social networks. Fearing to forget it, it is also worth remembering how much the task of scammers is simplified. Having learned one combination, they can steal a whole life.

How to celebrate

Today is a great day to get serious about protecting your data. It is enough to familiarize yourself with the exciting topic in detail and take certain security measures. They are able to get rid of unnecessary worries and put a barrier between personal information and that which is available to every other user.

The Internet is not only dangerous. It also contains a lot of useful information. On the forums, people share their own experiences and tell how to deal with regular online attacks.

When is Data Privacy Day celebrated in 2024?

Data Privacy Day is observed on January 28 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday January 28 2024
Tuesday January 28 2025
Wednesday January 28 2026
Thursday January 28 2027