Curmudgeons Day - January 29
Mon, Jan 29, 2024

Curmudgeons Day

Everyone knows at least one grumbler who can spoil the mood for the rest of the day. They try to deal with them less often and never argue. Such people are not liked, and many do not assume the existence of a day dedicated to them. Curmudgeons Day is not a stupid and useless holiday, but carries a rather interesting meaning.


The date of celebration – January 29 – was not chosen by chance. On this day, the famous American actor and comedian W.K. Fields. He made a huge contribution to art, also being a writer at the same time. In the movies, William in most cases portrayed grumpy and dissatisfied misers with life. Cult characters who adhere to antisocial positions brought him great fame.

Fields was an excellent juggler, whose talents even Queen Victoria herself wanted to see. He can boast of the love of the audience, which has not dried up so far. The artist died at the age of sixty-six.

Interesting facts

  1. For the first time, an unofficial celebration took place in 2014. The tradition has been preserved, and over the years it has begun to attract more and more people.
  2. The image of Fields’ heroes was partially written off from himself. He was distinguished by a grumpy character, was often dissatisfied with life, complaining to others about problems with alcohol.
  3. Like all misers, William hated Christmas. He died on January 29, 1946.
  4. Grumps really deserve respect. They stubbornly stick to their own positions and refuse to follow the general rules. The misers are ready to condemn the whole world, but remain true to themselves. They have a lot to learn, the main thing is not to overdo it.

How to celebrate

It is worth honoring the memory of the person in whose honor the holiday appeared. Watch films with W.K. Fields. The most famous: “Up” and “Grumpy Old Men”.

If there are misers in the environment, then try to cheer them up. It is almost impossible to do this, so you have to work hard. A kind attitude and a cute gift can melt the heart of any grumbler.

Some will prefer to take the place of grumblers themselves, who prefer to spend most of the day at home, and constantly complain about what is happening around them during a walk.

When is Curmudgeons Day celebrated in 2024?

Curmudgeons Day is observed on January 29 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday January 29 2024
Wednesday January 29 2025
Thursday January 29 2026
Friday January 29 2027