Crepe Day - February 2
Fri, Feb 2, 2024

Crepe Day

Crepe Day is a French holiday dedicated to pancakes. Today it is also widely used in the US and Canada. It is celebrated annually on February 2.


The history of pancakes dates back to the 13th century in France. Legend has it that a housewife accidentally dropped batter on the stove. Naturally it turned into a pancake and she ate it. The woman liked the dish so much that she began to cook it specially. Gradually, pancakes spread throughout the country.

In France, the holiday is called la Chandeleur and has a religious significance. The celebration of this day correlates with the Presentation of the Lord. Pancakes, because of their round shape and blush, are perceived as the sun. Such an analogy conveys a quick change in the weather towards spring warmth.

In the US and Canada, the holiday is called Crepe Day. There is a sign that allows you to find out your financial situation for the whole year. It is necessary to flip the pancake in the pan by tossing it into the air with one hand. In the left hand, you must hold a gold coin. If everything worked out, then you can improve your financial condition this year.

Interesting facts

  • Today there are many variations of pancakes: with cinnamon, stuffed with fruits or berries, cottage cheese, and even pancakes with meat.
  • The highest stack of pancakes was made in the UK. Its height was a record 82 cm.
  • In 2010, a new record was set for tossing a pancake from a frying pan. The competition was held in New York. The winner was Dominik Kouzakri, who threw a pancake to a height of 947 cm.

How to celebrate

Gather your family or friends around the holiday table on Crepe Day for delicious pancakes. You can cook a variety of products: both classic and with various fillers. Find out more interesting information about pancakes on the Internet and share it with your friends.

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Find out from other users which pancakes they like the most. Discuss the preparation of this dish.

When is Crepe Day celebrated in 2024?

Crepe Day is observed on February 2 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday February 2 2024
Sunday February 2 2025
Monday February 2 2026
Tuesday February 2 2027

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