Create a Great Funeral Day - October 30
Mon, Oct 30, 2023

Create a Great Funeral Day

Create A Great Funeral Day takes place on October 30th every year. While it may seem unusual, it does not carry any negativity. It is important to talk about and plan for what will need to be done in connection with the death of a loved one. During this period, it is important to emotionally prepare. This is the day to tell family and friends about your wishes in the event of your death, and to recognize that death is a natural process.


The date for Create A Great Funeral Day originates from a situation that happened with Stephanie West Allen in 1988. Her husband had died suddenly and it became a real trauma for her. She was unsure of what to do in order to organize a proper funeral. After remarrying, she watched her current husband struggle to organize a funeral for his mother. This made her realize that people need a day where they can learn about the procedures and planning involved in saying goodbye to a loved one. She then created the holiday and it was registered in October.

Interesting facts

  • In Rome, noble people were buried in a special way: first, the body was prepared by slaves, who were calling him by name, and then the body was left in the courtyard for a week before being buried with honors.
  • Frederic Bohr, an American chemist and inventor, died in 2008. He was known for creating the packaging for Pringles chips. Before his death, he requested that he be buried in one of the chips cans. His relatives kept their word.
  • In some parts of China, when a virgin man dies, a girl is placed in his coffin. This is then dug up by grave robbers and can cost a lot of money.

How to take part

It is important to talk openly about death and explain to relatives why the topic is important. Share examples and stories from your life, and visualize your funeral and talk about the idea. No amount of preparation can take away the pain of loss, but it will lessen the fear that comes with it.

When is Create a Great Funeral Day celebrated in 2023?

Create a Great Funeral Day is observed on October 30 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday October 30 2023
Wednesday October 30 2024
Thursday October 30 2025
Friday October 30 2026

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