Constitution Day - September 17
Sun, Sep 17, 2023

Constitution Day

Constitution Day is a significant holiday dedicated to the creation of the US Constitution. It is celebrated annually on September 17th.


After the end of the American Revolution, which freed the colonies from British rule, preparations began for the creation of the United States. In 1787, a Constitutional Convention was convened with representatives from twelve states. There were 13 states (former large colonies) in total.

The document adopted at this congress was called the US Constitution. It regulated the powers of all three authorities, which were interconnected. Powers that were not established by the legislature, executive and judiciary, the government of the states themselves had the right to exercise. The Constitution prescribes the procedure for electing the president and other leading government positions.

The Founding Fathers recognized the need to amend the Constitution as society developed. In order to avoid disagreements between the states, it was allowed to make changes to the legislation only with the ratification of the amendment by at least ¾ of all states.

Interesting facts

  • The ratification of the Constitution lasted more than two years. It ended on June 21st, 1788.
  • During the entire existence of the Constitution, more than 20 amendments were made. At the same time, there were more than ten thousand draft amendments, but all of them were rejected.
  • About half of US presidents (20 people) remained for more than one term.

How to take part

Read the main provisions of this important state document on Constitution Day. Purchase a souvenir edition of the US Constitution. Gather with friends or family to visit the museums and various exhibitions organized on this day. Find out more interesting information about the creation of the document and the history of the United States.

When is Constitution Day celebrated in 2023?

Constitution Day is observed on September 17 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday September 17 2023
Tuesday September 17 2024
Wednesday September 17 2025
Thursday September 17 2026