Confucius Day - September 29
Thu, Sep 29, 2022

Confucius Day

Confucius Day is celebrated every year on September 29, this is an excellent occasion to learn more about the life of a scientist and philosopher, to reflect on it. Confucius was born in China, but thanks to his works he is known outside the Land of the Rising Sun. Many scientists refer to his works, writings and theses. For more than 2,5 thousand years, the philosophy of an outstanding teacher has influenced society and its development.


There is no reliable date of birth of Confucius, but according to one version, he was born on September 28 in 551 BC. The boy grew up in the small town of Qufu, located in the province of Shandong. Some sources indicate that the father was a soldier of noble origin, but died when the boy was only three years old. After the tragic event, the family became poor, but this prevented the child from succeeding in life and even becoming the ideologist of his time.

Interesting Facts

  • At the age of 22, Confucius opened the first private school, already at such a young age, the students respectfully called him “teacher”.
  • Many students of Confucius became nobles, successful politicians.
  • At the age of 50, the philosopher became the Minister of Justice.
  • In the last years of his life, Confucius traveled and spread his teachings.
  • The scientist dreamed that his philosophy would change Chinese culture, as a result it happened – the Chinese government officially proclaimed the teachings of Confucius as the state philosophy.

How to celebrate

The scientist preached two basic virtues – zhong and shu, which means equal love for oneself, as well as others. Try to follow this philosophy, be human. Familiarize yourself with the teachings of the master, they contain many important principles that modern society, unfortunately, forgets. Many concepts, such as restraint, wisdom, courage, mutual respect, honesty, can and should be applied to become better. If you have the opportunity, visit China, the birthplace of Confucius.

When is Confucius Day in 2022?

Confucius Day is observed on September 29 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday September 29 2022
Friday September 29 2023
Sunday September 29 2024
Monday September 29 2025
Tuesday September 29 2026

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