Cheap Flight Day - August 23
Fri, Aug 23, 2024

Cheap Flight Day

Cheap Flight Day is a day dedicated to promoting discounted airfare for travelers. Air travel is the fastest and most comfortable way to travel to another state, but it can be expensive for some. This holiday is a great opportunity for beginner travelers and those who are just starting to make travel a hobby to save money on airfare.


Cheap Flight Day is scheduled for August 23, but it is believed that this holiday was not created by a marketing department of an airline, but rather by the air ticket market itself. Randy Wolfson of Skyscanner states that families with students play a major role in the trend towards lower airfare at the end of the summer. As the summer travel period comes to an end, people start shopping for the new school year, and students are returning to their universities. Many airlines aim to offer discounted tickets in the last week of summer and beyond. Airlines and aggregators advertise Cheap Flight Day, offer bonuses and gifts to increase sales. According to Skyscanner, booking domestic flights in August is 4% cheaper than the average price, while it is 4% more expensive in June. For international flights, the differences are more noticeable: booking in September is 6% cheaper than the average cost, while it is 10% more expensive in June.

Interesting facts

  1. In 1949, Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) created flights between Northern and Southern California and became the first US low-cost airline.
  2. In Europe, the Irish airline Ryanair has the lowest fares.
  3. Scott Case, founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights, bought the cheapest flight ticket of his life in 2013 (only $130 for a New York to Milan flight). Since then, Scott has become a specialist in finding cheap tickets!

How to take part

Remember that in reality, Cheap Flight Day lasts until the end of autumn. The fewer people who want to travel, the lower the prices. Take advantage of this fact to save money by following your travel interests and buying a cheap air ticket. You can save a lot, as some airlines reduce fares by more than 30%. Keep an eye out for offers, specials, and discounts to get the best deal possible.

When is Cheap Flight Day celebrated in 2024?

Cheap Flight Day is observed on August 23 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday August 23 2024
Saturday August 23 2025
Sunday August 23 2026