Celebration of the Senses Day - June 24
Mon, Jun 24, 2024

Celebration of the Senses Day

Senses Day is an extremely interesting holiday. We perceive the world through our senses. But do we pay enough attention to our own feelings? Senses Day will help you remember what a wealth of different sensations are available to us.


This wonderful holiday was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy of Wellcat Holidays. They claim that if on this day you take care to stimulate all 5 senses (meaning sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste), then you can activate the 6th! Perhaps it has to do with a mystical perception of the world. Do you believe in extrasensory perception? No one really knows if it is real. It probably exists, and you will be able to experience something unusual, beyond the scope of everyday life!

Interesting facts

You are certainly familiar with the classification of dominant types of perception:

  • visual people perceive the bulk of information visually;
  • auditory people perceive it through hearing;
  • kinesthetics perceive information through touch, smell, taste;

But today this classification has been supplemented by another type that appeared along with the age of high technology. The person who best perceives information online and builds a special internal dialogue is called digital.

How to take part

Watch yourself carefully. Determine your preferred type of perception. It is clear that it is easier for you to receive information from the outside world in one of the ways mentioned above. But try to use the rest! It is an interesting experience and an amazing experiment. Are you a pure visual? Blindfold yourself and live like this for an hour or two: how will you act, what will you feel? Are you an audiophile? Learn and master something new using only pictures or your own hands – without verbal explanation from a mentor. This will help you understand other people better. Describe your experience on social media with the hashtag #CelebrationOfTheSenses.

When is Celebration of the Senses Day celebrated in 2024?

Celebration of the Senses Day is observed on June 24 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday June 24 2024
Tuesday June 24 2025