Call of the Horizon Day - July 9
Tue, Jul 9, 2024

Call of the Horizon Day

Call of the Horizon Day is celebrated annually on July 9th. This holiday is associated with the expectation of new adventures and the anticipation of joy and fun. Imagine leaving the city and looking into the distance, where the horizon line is visible – where the sky and the earth seem to touch. For many people, the sight of the horizon awakens a craving for new trips, adventures, and unusual entertainment.


The origins of the celebration of this holiday are not exactly known, but the well-known idiom is hidden in the name of this day. The call of the horizon is the same feeling that can be experienced when peering into the distance, into the unknown and beyond the horizon. It is about big dreams, moving forward, and adventures for the mind and body. On this day, you can grab a dream by the tail; that is, plan future adventures and bring them to life.

Interesting facts

  • According to psychologist Eugenio Roth of the University of Florida, dreamers develop their own creative abilities with the help of fantasy.
  • Dreams help to cope with traumatic experiences because, according to cognitive psychologist Anthony Jack from Ohio University, during dreams, the part of the brain responsible for emotions turns off, but the analytical parts of consciousness begin to work more actively.
  • As a person grows up, they dream less and less. Because of this, the fantasies of young people are much richer than those of the elderly.

How to take part

The best way to celebrate this day is by driving or walking to a place with a good view of the horizon. Take a notebook and pen to write down everything that comes to your mind about future activities and desires. Perhaps there is a certain place where you have long wanted to go, or you want to take on a project or try a new hobby. The rest of the day can be spent planning the implementation of your desires because this is how you take the first step towards realizing your own dreams.

When is Call of the Horizon Day celebrated in 2024?

Call of the Horizon Day is associated with the anticipation of happiness and joy. It is observed on July 9th each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday July 9 2024
Wednesday July 9 2025
Thursday July 9 2026
Friday July 9 2027
Sunday July 9 2028
Monday July 9 2029

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