Boy Scouts Day - February 8
Thu, Feb 8, 2024

Boy Scouts Day

Boy Scouts Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to the Scouting movement. Celebrated on February 8th. Boy Scouts are fairly common in the US. Every year children come to the organization to gain new knowledge and useful skills.


The year 1910 is considered to be the year of the creation of the Scout movement at the official level. History tells that the American W.D. Boyce was on a business trip in London. One day was particularly stormy. Due to thick fog, the man lost his way to the hotel. He was helped by a boy whom he met by chance. When the boy brought Boyce to the hotel, he did not take the money. He said that he was a Boy Scout and helped people from the bottom of his heart without asking for anything in return.

W.D. Boyce was very inspired by the idea of ​​the scouting movement and decided to create a similar organization in the United States. In 1912, Girl Scouts of the USA was created – now not only boys, but also girls could join the Scouting movement.

Today, the Scouting movement is a method of non-formal education. Children learn new information, learn to work in a team. Much attention is paid to outdoor activities. Scouts are taught the skills of survival in the forest, the basics of first aid. Hiking is often organized.

Interesting facts

  • Scouts at the world level have their own symbol. It is a fleur-de-lis on a background of a shamrock.
  • The traditional occupation of Girl Scouts in the United States was baking cookies. Then his girls were sold, and the proceeds went to charity.
  • Scouts also have their own motto: “Be Prepared!” The abbreviation BP is also used.

How to celebrate

Find out more about Scout activities in your city/country. If you wanted to send your children to the section, then think about the scout movement. This is a great opportunity for the child to acquire the necessary social skills and practical skills.

Share Boy Scouts Day on social media. Maybe you yourself participated in the scouting movement. In this case, tell the funniest situations that happened at that time.

When is Boy Scouts Day celebrated in 2024?

Boy Scouts Day is observed on February 8 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday February 8 2024
Saturday February 8 2025
Sunday February 8 2026
Monday February 8 2027