Bloomsday - June 16
Sun, Jun 16, 2024


June 16 marks the day celebrating a talented writer of a legendary work that excites the minds of modern intellectuals. It is Bloomsday and time to remember Ulysses. On this summer’s day, the events of the aforementioned novel take place, where an unusually short time period is described on many pages.

The History

The name of the holiday comes from the name of the main character of James Joyce’s literary masterpiece. The writer changed the literary world and demonstrated a perfectly original vision of writing. A cult following grew around this famous novel. Fans traditionally gather on the appointed day and arrange performances based on scenes from the novel.

Interesting Facts

June 16 is a memorable one for James Joyce personally: he met the girl who later became his wife.

  1. Ulysses is considered the standard of modernism in literature.
  2. The Little Review became the first American regular publication to publish chapters from the novel.
  3. Ulysses is metaphorically, metaphysically closely related to Homer’s Odyssey, despite the fact the main characters express opposite desires: Leopold avoids returning to his wife. Odysseus strives to get into the arms of Penelope. She faithfully waited for his return from a journey that lasted 10 years.
  4. In the novel, there is pronounced grotesqueness against a background of description of everyday life.
  5. Ulysses was banned for a certain period because of the sexually explicit scenes described in the book. Joyce talked about intimate things in epistolary style in letters to his wife also. Subsequently, these messages were auctioned off for huge sums.

Joyce was a stubborn man and continued to write even after numerous refusals to publish his work.

How to take part

Go to a pub following the example of Leonard Bloom. Take up reading Irish literature to get into a specific flavor, get to know the characters personifying the prevailing national traits. Try on clothes in Bloom’s style, recreate his route through the city. Unusual experiences promise exciting discoveries.

When is Bloomsday celebrated in 2024?

Bloomsday is observed on June 16 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday June 16 2024
Monday June 16 2025

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